logistice import and export

We strongly provide you with the great logistics services and support you the legal document for transportation process. Our import & export services assist you with road haulage for your cargo from the suppliers to your door and export your product to your client.

In terms of world globalization, import and export play the very role for economic increasing and benefit in trade facilitation and investment. We try to export the Cambodia products, especially agriculture product to the world maker. And we also import some product from the other side, mainly from overseas, such as cosmetic, food & beverage, construction material and the other product that request by our customer.

Our import & export service supplies you with some kind of product such as:
– Agricultural Products
– Food & health care supplement
– Machinery, equipment & tools

We are happy to answer your request our Import & Export team will provide you with the great services on delivery your products into the worldwide market and the right place that you wish to import and export your products.